What services do we offer our customers?

We provide Facebook app votes Email votes, Captcha/recapthca votes, registration votes, poll votes in any kind of online contest.  We can do the votes at all of online contests.

What do I need to start work?

For Contest Votes, You have to:
After making pament for your order fill the Order form with your contact details, link. You can also add some instruction to vote. It will be better to us if you sent an image, screenshot of your candidate.
For Other Service, You have to:
After making pament for your order fill the Order form with your contact details, Order link And your instruction.

 How long do we complete Your order?

We provide professional and quality work in online voting contest as early as it’s possible. However, to ensure safety of our customers and victory of participants, we fulfill the voting process during 6 to 72 hours. In case, if You want to expedite the process, then you can write voting instruction on order page. On other SMM service normally it will 12-72 hrs or basis on your choice.

Will I get the votes from unique IP Addresses?

Yes, You get all votes from unique IP’s thats mean 1 votes From 1 IP  if you buy Unique Ip votes So, You don’t need to worry about that, You are in the right place.

 Do you guarantee my win in the contest?

Unfortunately, NO, we do not guarantee Your win in the contest, as it is not in our hands. We advice our clients, to make their own estimation, as to the number of votes, needed to win the contest. Based on Your calculations You can make orders.

Do you provide refund to the customers in case of losing the contest or disqualification?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to give you refund in case of losing the contest or disqualification. However, purchasing our votes or other services of our website, have never caused problems to our clients, as we do not use auto bots or software systems in the process. All votes will be delivered manually, so that they look much realistic. This is why most of our clients win the contests after rendering our services.

What, if my votes get deleted, after you complete my order?

If Your order was completed by our team and Your votes get decreased/deleted later, on then we will not be fully responsible for it, as we did our job with hard work and we don’t take our votes back, there can be some problem with Your contest organizers. We suggest You to contact them to clarify the reasons for removing votes. So, we can’t issue fully refund or deliver votes. .
If Votes/likes deleted  By our faults You will back 100% money

What payment methods do you accept?

You can make order through Paypal Payment..We also accept payment through the  MasterCard, Skrill, Payza,  in this case you will have to contact us first.  we will send you payment invoice in your Email.How do I know that you have received order and the payment?

How do I know that you have received order and the payment?

As soon as we receive Your order and payment, we will send confirmation notice with all  details to Your email address. You can check the details and get back to us in case of a query or any other issues.

Anything Else ! Ask Your Question